Software Culture: Getting to market “quick” results in garbage.

Software Culture has this theory of “Rapid Development”; that a software team can quickly prototype a concept or idea and have something that the business can show to customers to get initial feedback on.  It’s a great theory, one that is certainly doable.  Where it breaks down, however, is when it meets Corporate Culture – who have a different theory. Corporate Culture typically believes that a prototype is an initial investment in a software deliverable – a “Rev 1 Alpha” so to speak.  And that the prototype is somehow capable of being tweaked and going to market.

This collision of theories and practice frequently results in nightmares for all involved: software developers who are trying to retrofit something that was tossed together and marketing, sales and business that is trying to get sales going on something that for all practical purposes, is Vaporware.

So, why does this happen?  Let’s look at what Rapid Development means to developers and compare that with what it means to business. Continue reading “Software Culture: Getting to market “quick” results in garbage.”